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As a Mental Health Counselor, I strongly value making clients feel comfortable and ensuring that the therapy process is a collaborative effort. My goal is to provide clients with a safe and welcoming environment. I strive to tailor treatment to each individual client by combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered Therapy and Relational Therapy, while using trauma-informed care. Utilizing a strength based approach helps me to ensure that each client’s strengths and skills are being noticed and developed. I believe that everyone deserves to be heard and tell their story! I became interested in the mental health field when I began working with people diagnosed with Autism, as a Registered Behavior Technician. Over the last several years I have worked with children and teenagers diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, in both group and individual settings. I work with children, adolescents, teenagers, and adults with anxiety, depression and post-traumatic-stress-disorder. I have a passion for working with teenagers and young adults who are processing difficult life transitions. Taking that “next step” in life can be confusing and challenging, together we can work on empowerment, self-esteem and direction.


Outside of work, I enjoy going to the beach, trying new restaurants and spending time with my loved ones!

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